Content-Rich Communication

Training & Coaching


Anne Wootten and Susan Sommers offer a variety of highly-interactive Keynotes, workshops, courses and retreats. Format and content can be customized to your audience’s needs, budget, and theme.


Book one-on-one or group coaching sessions with Anne Wootten and Susan Sommers, in person or online. Topics include verbal and non-verbal communications, script writing, networking, and video production

Virtual Training

Are you moving your client meetings, conferences and events online? Anne & Susan will work with you to polish your presentation skills and create dynamic content for your business, products and services.


As two of Canada’s leading marketing, presentation, and media experts, we offer content-rich, results-oriented communications training and coaching. Clients acquire the skills and inspiration they need to successfully market their businesses to their target customers and the media, locally and internationally.
Through their Keynotes and Training Sessions, Anne and Susan inspire individuals and groups to develop creative communications’ solutions.
Both trainers provide practical tools and easy-to-follow advice on how to cost-effectively reach target markets and media with key messages and tools and ways to motivate them to act. Their customized communications’ seminars and workshops focus on helping corporations, associations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to improve their presentation, marketing and media relations’ skills and to develop long-term strategies and programs.
People who participate in Anne and Susan’s sessions leave with a new understanding of communications, actionable ideas, and practical tools to implement their plan. As a result, they can develop better relationships with all their key markets and to increase their credibility, visibility, and bottom line.

Content Creation ... Speaking & Presentation Skills ... Coaching ... Workshops ... Seminars ... Video Creation ... these are just a few of the ways Wootten & Sommers can help you. Please use this form to send us a message and we will arrange a complimentary 20-minute phone meeting to assess your needs.